Doctor Availability

Our Doctors and Their Surgery Times

Timetable subject to change when doctors are on teaching sessions, training courses, annual leave or other absences.

 Friday afternoon Duty Doctor only on a rota system.

Dr Andrew Goode: All day Monday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

Dr Simon Morris: All day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday morning.

Dr Ed Capo-Bianco: All day Monday and Wednesday. Friday morning.

Dr Simon Pettitt: Monday morning.  All day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning.

Dr Jessica Reed: All day Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Dr Amanda Gemmill: All day Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Dr Angela Adams: All day Tuesday and Thursday.

Dr Anna Magnusson: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

Dr Sally Harley: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning.


Usual Doctor

When you first register with the Practice, you will be assigned a “usual doctor”.   This is the doctor who you will usually see when you visit the Practice for a consultation.  This doctor will, therefore, get to know all about you and your medical history, which will enable us to provide you with continuity of care.

You may, of course, ask to see any other doctor in the Practice, at any time, or ask to change your usual doctor, if you wish.

Existing patients at the Practice will already have an assigned “usual doctor” but this may not be the doctor that they currently see.  Please ask at the surgery if you want to know who your usual doctor is, and make sure that this is up to date.