Infection Control Statement

Infection Control Annual Statement 2019


The Practice takes infection control very seriously. The aim is to manage infection control to a high standard in our both our surgeries to create a clean and safe environment for both our staff and our patients.


The Practice will generate an annual infection control statement and will summarise:

  • Details of any infection transmission incidents and action taken;
  • Details of any infection control risk assessments undertaken;
  • Staff training;
  • Review and update of policies / procedures / guidelines which may be required.


Our infection control lead is Practice Nurse Sally Barter, supported by our Lead Practice Nurse, Jenny O’Connor and our Practice Manager, Julia Beasley.


Our staff (clinical and support) receive, on an annual basis, a comprehensive training handout detailing all aspects of infection control and stressing its importance within the General Practice setting.

Clinical staff attend an annual infection control update held in-house and run by our Practice Nurse Team Leader and Infection Control Lead Nurse.

All staff undertake annual infection control online training modules.

Infection control forms an integral part of our daily activities at the Practice. Hand sanitising gels are freely available throughout the Practice and hand washing advice notices are displayed over each sink.

Significant Events

There have been no significant events involving infection control at the Practice over the past twelve months.


The Practice carried out an infection control audit in July 2016 and carried out any action taken, as appropriate.

Developing Infection Control at the Practice

Child friendly hand wash units are installed in the surgery toilets.

Clinell universal sanitising wipes are available throughout the Practice and staff instructed to use these at appropriate times to limit the spread of infection. We also have specific wipes now available to help us stop the spread of infections such as the norovirus.

Infection control updates for the support staff are issued on an annual basis. We also hold annual training and checks on hand washing techniques. Effective hand washing is the single most important way to help prevent the spread of infection.

The treatment rooms at our Practice are modern and up to date. They are cleaned each day to help maintain high infection control standards.

Infection control, and its importance within General Practice, is kept high on the agenda for our team by inclusion in regular team meetings and by the issue of newsletter type updates.

Julia Beasley
Practice Manager
July 2019

Infection Prevention and Control

The Goring and Woodcote Medical Practice is committed to the management of infection control and recognises its importance within the healthcare setting.

Our aim is to manage infection control as well as we can so that we create a clean and safe environment for both our staff and our patients.

Our staff receive regular updates on infection control and an annual audit is carried out by Sally Barter, our Practice Nurse and Infection Control Lead.

Our surgeries are maintained to a high standard by our dedicated cleaning team.  The carpets receive an annual deep shampoo clean and we aim to keep our surgery premises as up to date and modern as we can.  We have a maintenance plan, which is regularly updated, to help us achieve this aim.

Disposal curtains have been installed in each consulting and treatment room and these are changed every six months to minimise the risk of infection spreading.

Examination couches are protected with disposal paper couch roll which is changed after each patient contact.  Couch pillows have wipe clean covers and are also covered with a sheet of disposal paper couch roll during each patient examination.

The Practice uses disposal instruments and has a cleaning plan in place for items of equipment such as ECG machines.

To help us minimise the risk of infection spreading, we would ask patients who are visiting the Practice to :

  • use the hand sanitising gel on arrival and departure;
  • wash your hands after using the toilet at the Practice (posters demonstrating the correct hand washing technique are positioned above each sink);
  • let us know if you see anything at the Practice that you believe poses an infection control risk.

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