About Us

Our Vision

To offer high quality primary care services to our patient population, in an environment that is modern, clean and well-resourced, and in an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly.

Our Aim and Objectives

  • to offer our patients the very highest possible standard of clinical care, applying the principles of compassion, continuity and accessibility.
  • to strive continually to improve the quality of the services we offer;
  • to be committed to evidence-based preventative medicine and the care of patients with acute and chronic illness;
  • to treat all patients with respect and dignity, involving them in decision making about their treatment and care, and encouraging them to participate fully;
  • to listen to the concerns of patients, their families and carers, and take action, as appropriate;
  • to maintain the confidentiality of patient information at all times;
  • to provide our patients with an environment which is comfortable, relaxing and friendly, and to treat any visitors to our surgeries with courtesy and respect;
  • to provide care in surgeries which are clean, safe and well-resourced, and with equipment which is up to date, well maintained and fit for purpose;
  • to communicate clearly and regularly with our patients using a range of media, and to invite and then act on, as appropriate, feedback, using patient surveys, and in conjunction with the Practice’s Patient Participation Group;
  • to involve other social and healthcare professionals in the care of our patients, where it is in their best interests;
  • to ensure that all members of the Practice team treat each other with due respect and courtesy, and that they have the appropriate skills and experience to carry out their duties competently and professionally, in an environment that is safe and supportive;
  • to continue to be recognised as an established and respected training Practice for GP Registrars that shows a true commitment to training from the whole team;
  • to look for and adopt, where appropriate, new digital solutions to enable patients to access healthcare or advice in alternative ways, for example, through our website or online consultation tool.